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New updates and improvements to Grupo

Community hub has arrived!

We are excited to announce that the first iteration of grupo's community hub are arrived!  🎉🧑‍🤝‍🧑🧑‍🤝‍🧑🧑‍🤝‍🧑

What is the community hub?
The community hub allows attendees to connect & engage with other attendees who have attended the same events.

How it works
All users have a dedicated Community Page where they can customize & showcase their events or meetups.

Any attendee who has purchased a ticket or RSVPd to a free event, now becomes part of that community.

All attendees now have profiles pages!

To update your profile page, sign into your grupo account & click the top right drop down then select profile.

If you checked out as a guest previously, dont worry!  Register with the same email you used for previous events and your communities will sync.

You have the option to decide what information is displayed publicly vs privately

Private information is used by grupo and hosts to send you tickets and ensure that you can attend the event.

Public info will be seen by other members of communities you are part of!  Only other members who have attended the same events as you will have access to your profile

Don't forget your tagline!  It's a fun way to showcase a bit of your personality

Link your social media accounts, business websites, etc if you want other community members to connect with you

You can hide your profile from all communities or on the individual community level if you do not want to be found 👻

To locate your communities, sign in and click 'my communities' on the left menu bar.

Choose a community you want to check out.  From that page, you can view a list of members, see upcoming & past events and check out that community's social media or other connected sites.

There is also built in live chat on the event level.  When you buy a ticket to an event or RSVP to a free meet up, you will now have the ability to live chat with other attendees.

🎉 New Feature Alert: manually add attendees!

Attention Event Hosts!

Now, managing your guest list just got even easier with the introduction of manual attendee addition!

With this new capability, hosts can effortlessly keep track of all attendees, whether they've paid or not. No more hassle, no more spreadsheets. Simply head to your event details, navigate to the attendees section, and with just a few clicks, you can manually add attendees to your guest list.

Here's how to access this feature:

  1. Event Details: Log in to your Grupo account and select the event you're managing.
  2. Attendees List: Once you're in the event details, click on the 'Attendees' tab located in the menu.
  3. Add Attendees: From there, just hit the 'Add Attendees' button and start filling in the necessary details.

That's it! With Grupo, organizing your event has never been smoother. 

Happy planning

🎉 Introducing Grupo's Latest Feature: Host Community Pages! 🎉

We're excited to introduce a game-changing addition to Grupo – Host Community Pages! Designed to enhance community engagement and streamline event management, this feature puts the spotlight on your event communities like never before.

Here's what you can expect from Host Community Pages:

🌟 **Unlimited Community Management**: Manage an unlimited number of communities with ease, each fully customizable to reflect its unique identity and purpose. Whether you're organizing events for neighborhoods, interest groups, or organizations, Grupo has you covered.

🎨 **Fully Customizable**: Tailor your Host Community Pages to match the personality and vibe of each community. Customize background designs, add social media links, and craft compelling titles and descriptions to make your page stand out.

🔗 **Seamless Social Media Integration**: Drive engagement and extend your community's reach by adding social media links. Directly connect your audience to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn profiles for increased interaction and visibility.

📅 **Centralized Event Showcase**: Showcase all upcoming events within a community on a single, easy-to-access page. Attendees can browse, RSVP, and stay updated on the latest happenings, ensuring a seamless event experience.

📍 **Locate Your Community**: Finding your community is easier than ever! Simply sign in to your Grupo account and navigate to the left side menu, where you'll find the dedicated "Community Page" section. From there, you can effortlessly locate and manage all your communities in one convenient location.

Whether you're a community organizer, event planner, or business owner, Host Community Pages on Grupo empower you to create thriving, engaged communities with minimal effort.

Ready to take your event management to the next level? Discover the power of Host Community Pages on Grupo today! Simply sign in and navigate to the "Community Page" section to get started. Let's build vibrant communities together! 🚀

New Feature Alert! Promo Codes

🎉 Introducing the Latest Feature from Grupo: Promo Codes! 🎟️

We are thrilled to announce the newest addition to the grupo platform - Promo Codes! Now, hosts can create personalized promo codes and offer exclusive discounts to their attendees, making every event experience even more delightful.

With our latest feature, hosts have the power to tailor promotions to suit their event's unique needs. Whether it's a dollar amount off or a percentage discount, you can now effortlessly create promo codes that resonate with your audience and drive ticket sales.

Key Highlights:
🔖 Create custom promo codes tailored to your event.
💰 Offer discounts either as a fixed dollar amount or a percentage off the ticket price.
📈 Track the performance of your promo codes with detailed analytics.
🎯 Target specific audience segments with targeted promotions.

How It Works:
1. As a host, log in to your Grupo account and navigate to the Promo Codes section.
2. Create a new promo code and choose the discount type – fixed amount or percentage.
3. Set the discount value and specify any additional criteria if needed.
4. Share the promo code with your audience through various channels to boost ticket sales.
5. Attendees simply enter the promo code at checkout to enjoy the exclusive discount.

Whether you're organizing a conference, concert, workshop, or any other event, Grupo's Promo Codes feature empowers you to attract more attendees and enhance their event experience.

Ready to elevate your event promotions? Log in to Grupo now and start creating irresistible promo codes for your next event!

Happy hosting

New Feature Alert! Recurring events

Hosts now have the ability to select multiple times for a specific event which will replicate that event across all the time slots

- Hosts will select multiple time slots in step 1 of the event creation
- Attendees will select which time slot they want to attend (if applicable)
- Host can filter attendees based on time slots and transfer tickets in between different time slots
- QR code scanning: Hosts will select which time slot they are going to be scanning for

Image upload improvement

we've improved the image upload functionality to make the process of creating an event easier for grupo hosts.

New UI

Welcome to the new and improved grupo