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🎉 New Feature Alert: manually add attendees!

Attention Event Hosts!

Now, managing your guest list just got even easier with the introduction of manual attendee addition!

With this new capability, hosts can effortlessly keep track of all attendees, whether they've paid or not. No more hassle, no more spreadsheets. Simply head to your event details, navigate to the attendees section, and with just a few clicks, you can manually add attendees to your guest list.

Here's how to access this feature:

  1. Event Details: Log in to your Grupo account and select the event you're managing.
  2. Attendees List: Once you're in the event details, click on the 'Attendees' tab located in the menu.
  3. Add Attendees: From there, just hit the 'Add Attendees' button and start filling in the necessary details.

That's it! With Grupo, organizing your event has never been smoother. 

Happy planning