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New Feature Alert! Promo Codes

🎉 Introducing the Latest Feature from Grupo: Promo Codes! 🎟️

We are thrilled to announce the newest addition to the grupo platform - Promo Codes! Now, hosts can create personalized promo codes and offer exclusive discounts to their attendees, making every event experience even more delightful.

With our latest feature, hosts have the power to tailor promotions to suit their event's unique needs. Whether it's a dollar amount off or a percentage discount, you can now effortlessly create promo codes that resonate with your audience and drive ticket sales.

Key Highlights:
🔖 Create custom promo codes tailored to your event.
💰 Offer discounts either as a fixed dollar amount or a percentage off the ticket price.
📈 Track the performance of your promo codes with detailed analytics.
🎯 Target specific audience segments with targeted promotions.

How It Works:
1. As a host, log in to your Grupo account and navigate to the Promo Codes section.
2. Create a new promo code and choose the discount type – fixed amount or percentage.
3. Set the discount value and specify any additional criteria if needed.
4. Share the promo code with your audience through various channels to boost ticket sales.
5. Attendees simply enter the promo code at checkout to enjoy the exclusive discount.

Whether you're organizing a conference, concert, workshop, or any other event, Grupo's Promo Codes feature empowers you to attract more attendees and enhance their event experience.

Ready to elevate your event promotions? Log in to Grupo now and start creating irresistible promo codes for your next event!

Happy hosting